Travel back to 1850 and forge a new future in a fresh past. Explore a real-scale continent at old-world speeds.
Build a business empire, or just travel around collecting stories. Strike your fortune in Gold Nuggets. Grow a wild outpost into a bustling metropolis. Forge valuable partnerships and bitter rivalries. Develop together a unified web of commerce, cooperation, and competition.

A new shared history of Eureka.
Eureka is played simply, by controlling your characters through the map.
Everything in Eureka has a location. Going from place to place means traversing real-world distances at 1850s speeds.
With great distance comes great risk, but also great reward.
You can play with as many characters as you'd like in Eureka, but only from wherever they are.
Your characters improve as you use them, becoming better at both their jobs and at survival in the frontier.
If you've got one you're not using, you can hire them out to other players in need of their skills, or sell them entirely.
Opportunity in Eureka comes in many forms. Slow and often-treacherous travel means local economies must stand on their own.
All businesses require others to support them, and all provide things others need.
Find your place in a local market, and stay competitive to keep your customers.
The land is vast, and opportunity is endless.
Gold Nuggets are the lifeblood of Eureka.
They are its only currency, but almost entirely buried underground.
They're also paired 1 to 1 with the $EURAK token. Each Gold Nugget found releases one Eurak out of lockup, creating a Gold Nugget-backed token.
The people need money, and the money's in the ground. Time to get digging.
We're building Eureka for traditional gamers and crypto-enthusiasts alike.
Eureka's hybrid blockchain system lets everyone play, but it doesn't stop there.
In Eureka, you can take something you own, improve it, then sell it to someone else. They can then play with it, improve it, and sell it again.
All Eureka NFTs start the same. The rest is up to you.